Since 1902, the LLIA has led the effort to protect...


Our Objective

The objective of the Association is to encourage and assist in the general work of protecting, improving and adorning the Lauderdale Lakes, situated in the Townships of La Grange and Sugar Creek and the County of Walworth, and the bank and shores of said Lakes.

To that end the Association may buy, own and sell personal property; it may make contracts for dredging, weed cutting, clearing and any and all other work which may be incidental to the general purposes as above stated. It shall be authorized to aid in and attend to the restocking of the Lakes with fish from time to time as may be necessary; to attend to and assist in the prosecution of any persons who may be engaged in illegal activities on or about said Lakes and to prosecution of all person or persons violating the laws of the Town, County or State relative to peace and good order in and about same. It shall have the right to sue and to be sued in its corporate name and may prosecute or defend in the several Courts of said State or the United States any action affecting the physical conditions incidental to said Lakes and the property adjoining thereto or abutting thereto as related to said Lakes, or where the present interests of the members of the Association shall be affected by anything sought to be done, whereby the conditions existing in or about the Lakes shall be sought to be altered or changed. In general, the Association shall have all the powers incidental to associations of like character organized under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.