Directors represent constituents living in geographic zones, or Districts, around the lakes. These dedicated volunteers are nominated and elected for two year terms.

Directors Listing (PDF)

District 1: LL 1-34

Iligene Anderson LL16

District 2: LL 35-78

Jackie Rumer LL209, Jesse Lawrence LL36, Karen Lawrence LL36

District 3: LL 79-115

Janis Mason LL95, Jeff Angst LL110, Scott Mason LL95

District 4: LL 116-202

Jim Frenchy LL202 Pete Spaulding LL153

District 5: LL 203-354

Alan Bateman LL228, Don Henderson LL243, Jeff Vogt W635 Justin Jankowski n/a, Kevin Henderson LL243

District 6: LL 355-389A

Charlotte Anderson LL386A Gary Storandt LL367 Patricia Cady LL357

District 7: LL 390-532

Debbie Ferrari LL507, Jim Dion LL521

District 8: LL 533-560

Bob Brockman LL519, Patty Hargrave LL535B

District 9: LL 561-720

John Nason LL583, Stan Neva LL573, Sue Markus LL631

District 10: LL 721-756

Dave DeAngelis LL756, Ron Mueller LL750

District 11: LL 757-784

Bill Corbett LL767, Robin Balfour LL764

District 12: LL 785-819

Dan Lohens LL791, Walker Johnson LL792

District 13: LL 820-854

Brian Walsh LL852, Dr. Jon Jacobson LL838, Herb Sharpless LL820, Loretta Auchinleck LL824

District 14: LL 855-881

Dave Sherbula LL879, Mike Barrett LL737

District 15: LL 882-911

Jane Larsen LL910, Peg Eggert LL923

District 16: LL 912-950


District 17: LS 1-105

Conley Stewart LS107, Lois Stewart LS107

District 18: MH 1-129

Lynette Rullmann LL521

District 19: PB 1-49

Mark Curcio PB42, Rick Siok PB1

District 20: LB 3-52

Mark Weseman LB41

At Large:

Jim Corcoran, Kathryn Calkins