Lauderdale Lakes Imrovement Association

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Dear Lauderdale Lake Residents;

We are calling on all residents of Lauderdale Lakes area to become members of the LLIA..

Our lakes may have changed, but many of the issues and concerns remain the same. People are drawn to our lake community to enjoy the pristine water quality, the great recreational boating opportunities, sailing, and fishing. The location, tranquilly, and beauty of our lake community make it a wonderful place to live.

The Association remains dedicated to preserving the natural state of our lakes and land to the best of our ability. In addition, the LLIA has several key functions that provide tremendous benefits to the community:

• We provide an open line of communication between the homeowners and the local government.

• We publish a regular newsletter, (Shorelines) that members can receive via mail, email or can be viewed online at The newsletter and website allow members to keep abreast of activities on our lakes and in the Town of LaGrange.

• We provide bi-monthly water quality testing on all three of our lakes from April through October. Data collection includes water clarity, oxygen levels, water temperature and chemical analysis. This information is extremely important to the community in that we want healthy lakes now and in the future. This testing allows us to proactively address the health of our lakes.

• The LLIA Fish Committee organizes and coordinates annual fish stocking in our lakes each fall. This committee works closely with the WDNR to ensure that we are stocking the right fish at the right frequency. Fishermen are seeing the benefits of this committee. The increase in bass, northern and walleye caught in our lakes in recent years has been incredible. The LLIA, along with contributions from individual residents, has paid for nearly all of the fish that have been stocked in our lakes.

• We partner with the Lauderdale Lakes Yacht Club and Kettle Moraine Land Trust to hold an annual Children's Fish Jamboree every July. This Jamboree encourages and educates our children about fresh water fishing and the lake environment.

• Every other year, we publish a new LLIA Directory. This is a valuable resource for LLIA members. The directory includes addresses and contact information of LLIA members, important local ordinances, Lake District Information, Town Officers, and a guide to local businesses that support the LLIA. The directory is provided free with your membership. All new members will get one free.

Please complete a membership form today and return it with your payment to the address listed on the form. The membership fee is the only source of income for the Association. The annual membership cost is only $35. We sincerely appreciate your support.

Lauderdale Lakes Improvement Association

Thank you for being a member of our Improvement Association and for considering membership for yourself and others.

The annual cost to be a member is $35.00.


Help keep the lakes in great shape for fishing, sailing, swimming and water skiing!

Annual membership is only $35 per family. Please click here for more info.

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