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Aquatic Plant Management and Protection from Wisconsin DNR
Aquatic plant laws, news, literature and related links.

Boating and Sailing Courses FREE Online
This site offers free online boating, sailing and windsurfing courses. It's a great resource to brush up on knowledge or for a child getting ready to get their Wisconsin boating safety permit. Courses cover everything from terminology and navigation to different knotting and anchoring methods.

Elkhorn Chamber of Commerce
Has timely information, reoccurring events, a welcome, history, maps and demographics and membership to the chamber.

Elkhorn Village Profile
The city of Elkhorn does not seem to have an official site. This site provides community information including history, tourism and demographics.

Entomology (That means BUGS!)
A web site provided by the Department of Entomology at the University of Wisconsin Madison campus, there are highlighted insects, insect bulletins, and, if you think you've got something really special crawling around your dwelling, instructions on how to submit it to the lab. (Hint-don't crush it!)

EPA Natural Landscaping for Public Officials
Natural landscaping online (html) and downloadable (.pdf) book - five chapters long with appendices.

EPA Pollution Scorecard
A site put up by the EPA where you can type in your zip code to get a list of your area's largest polluters. The zip code for Lauderdale Lakes is 53121. Check it out.

EPA Volunteer Lake Monitoring
Eight chapter online and downloadable book on how to monitor lake quality.

Gathering Waters
Wisconsin land conservation organization with information on land trust, events and links.

Geneva Lake Environmental Agency
Dedicated to preserving the Geneva Lake environment. Offers seasonal features, current lake data, volunteer opportunities, zebra mussel information and other resources.

John's Disposal (Waste removal for the Towns of LaGrange & Sugar Creek)
Links to a PDF file you can download and/or print to keep track of garbage pickup days.

Lake Beulah Protective & Improvement Association
History, events, issues, photos and ordinances relevant to Lake Beulah.

Lake Lake Lorraine's Improvement Association
Lake Lorraine Restoration and Protection Association, Inc.

Lake Wandawega Improvement Association
Improving, protecting and sustaining Lake Wandawega for current and future generations. 

Lake Links Page at UW Extension
A direct link to the websites listed by the UW Extension office for lakes, wetlands, watershed, pollution, rivers and Great Lakes, groundwater, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

Kettle Moraine Land Trust
A local non-profit conservancy organization serving northwestern Walworth County by providing easement services, education and legislation.

Lauderdale Lakes Aqua Skiers
A non-profit group that teaches young people water safety through water skiing, they put on local shows for free. It's Tommy Bartlett in your backyard. Their site lists the show schedule and location.

Lauderdale Lakes County Club Course Profile
Not an official site but a part of Yahoo Sports, it gives a detailed description of the Country Club's course. You can e-mail it to someone if you're trying to get them to come golfing with you. It is a positive profile.

Lauderdale Lakes Map
A scan of the map contained in the Lauderdale Lakes Improvement Association's published directory, you may use it for directions online.

Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District
Lauderdale Lakes Lake Management District is a municipality, a unit of government, created under Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 33.  Our Lake District was formed in 1991 and is composed of 7 commissioners, 5 of whom are elected, 1 is appointed by the County (Walworth) and 1 is appointed by the local township (Town of LaGrange).  The operation of this organization is funded by a general tax levy on the properties within the boundaries of the Lake District.

Lauderdale Lakes Sailing (and Ice-Sailing) Club
The Sailing club holds more events than any other organization on the Lauderdale Lakes. If you're looking for fun, this is the organization to join! Their site has some really lovely photos of sailboating on the lakes.

Lauderdale Lakes Yacht Club
Click on their 'flag hoist' link for newsletters and events. Their site also features a collection of photos from their events.

Lutherdale Camp
Lutherdale is a growing organization with fun, educational programs for adults and kids. They have exciting events year round and advertise them well in advance so you can plan.

Mariner Hills Property Owners Association
A small site for the owners of properties in the Mariner Hills Subdivisions, you can view their budget information and minutes from past meetings. The Association has lost some long-standing members and could use some volunteer directors. If you are interested, contact any director from the web site.

Non Phosphorous Fertilizer Sources
Direct link to verified suppliers of lawn fertilizers with no or low levels of phosphate. Remember, our lake levels of phosphate were surprisingly high this summer. Please change your fertilizer source if phosphate is currently applied to your lawn. The health of our lakes depends on it.

North American Lake Management Society (NALMS)
Partnering citizens, scientist and professionals to protect lakes and reservoirs. Features news, events, symposia, book store, members, lake glossary, education, government affairs and other links.

Potter's Lake
Information about Potters Lake, weed control, lake monitoring, state regulations, events, newsletters, links and photos.

Purple Loosestrife Pages
Michigan Sate University page devoted to controlling purple loosestrife (PLP), an invasive foreign purple flowering stalk of a weed that is currently posing a serious environmental problem in the Great Lakes region.

River Alliance of Wisconsin
An environmental, non-profit, non-partisan group of citizens, organizations and businesses dedicated to advocating for the protection, enhancement and restoration of our rivers and watersheds. There membership exceeds 1,700 and the web site has some great activist news items.

Town of Delavan
Official site for town with board meetings, committee and department listings.

Town of LaGrange
The official site for the Town of LaGrange, the local government for the Lauderdale Lakes, this site has a town directory, meeting minutes, a community calendar, actives, profiles and links and ordinances.

Turtle Lake Protection and Improvement Association
Improvement association minutes and board details, lake convention reports and links.

University of Wisconsin-Extension
The main page for the University of Wisconsin Extension which exists to expand the boundaries of the University of Wisconsin by proving a wide spectrum of education outreach programs. This top page lists news, interesting topics, and has many, many publications including all of the agricultural and horticultural pamphlets available for free download from the web site. If you are having a problem with a local tree or plant, this is a great place to start looking for answers.

Walworth County
Government Agency web site with sections on board meetings, county department listings, election results, employment opportunities, public records, county ordinances, area information and more.

Walworth County Lakes Association
A resource for Walworth County Lakes to share lake-related information and concerns among one another and with governmental units.

Water Quality Education
A University of Wisconsin Extension site dedicated to water quality. They have a current newsletter online, related topics, volunteer opportunities, education for young people, farming information, natural history, groundwater information and other resources.

Wisconsin Association of Lakes (WAL)
Possible the most important site listed, WAL has current information listed under the 'Actions Alert' graphic on hearings and public meetings that everyone interested in preserving our lake environment should make an effort to attend. People always wonder what they can do to make a difference and this site tells you what to do! There are also events, lake protection, public policy, and useful links.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) main page with links to top headlines, state government and other agencies, employment, outdoor recreation, licenses, permits, registrations, education, training, and a section just for kids.

To report a DNR violation, call the 24 hour hotline at (800) TIP-WDNR or try the local warden, Rick Reed at (262) 742-5430 or the Walworth County Sheriffs at (262) 741-4400.

Wisconsin Lakes Facts
Another area of the Wisconsin DNR site, this is a list of links for general lake information and facts, state game fish records, lake protection, lakes by county information, and exotic species links.

Wisconsin Lakes Partnership
Wisconsin DNR page with Wisconsin Lakes information. Wisconsin Lakes Partnerships is a joining of the Wisconsin DNR, University of Wisconsin Extension, Wisconsin Association of Lakes (WAL). The site has a large area for kids with educational games. For adults, there is grant information, plant, and lighting information, and a link to Wisconsin lakes from space!

Wisconsin Off-Road Bicycling Association's Southeastern Trail Listing
This web site created by James Wamser is an excellent list of trails in our area available for hiking, trail bicycling and cross-country skiing.

Wisconsin Statewide Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program
Wisconsin DNR Self-Help Monitoring collects high-quality data on water quality by giving volunteers equipment and training to monitor quality and report. Volunteer opportunities and published water quality data.

Wisconsin Wetlands Association
Physically based in Madison this organization's web site has; headlines, programs, books, workshops, handbooks, science forums, a defense fund, wetland resources and a subscription option to be advised of issues affecting Wisconsin's wetlands.

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